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Assembly line manufacturer assembly line maintenance instructions

The assembly line is very widely used and its protection system is indispensable. The assembly line manufacturer's assembly line maintenance instructions mainly have the following 10 processes:

1. The assembly line should have fixed personnel in the operation process. It is necessary for the caretaker to have the usual skill knowledge and to understand the function of the conveyor.

2. The company shall draw up the “equipment protection, repair, and safe operation procedures” of the assembly line so that the guards will abide by them. It is necessary for the guards to have the handover criteria.

3. The feeding to the assembly line should be uniform, and the feed funnel should not be filled too much to overflow the material.

Assembly line manufacturer assembly line maintenance instructions

4. During the assembly line operation, the non-guards shall not approach the machine; no personnel shall touch any rotating parts. When there are shortcomings, it is necessary to work continuously and eliminate the shortcomings. If there are shortcomings that are not easy to eliminate immediately, but have no significant impact on the operation, they should be recorded and eliminated when they are repaired.

5. When guarding the assembly line, you should always check the operation of each component, check the bolts everywhere, and find that the looseness is tightened in time. However, when the final assembly line operation is prevented, the working parts of the assembly line are cleaned and repaired.

6. The screw tensioning device of the final assembly of the final assembly line is properly adjusted, and the conveyor belt has the tensile force for normal operation. The guards should always check the operation of the conveyor belt. Some damages should be replaced according to the degree of damage (whether it affects the production) and whether the resolution is replaced immediately or when it is to be repaired. The removed conveyor belt should be used for other purposes depending on its degree of wear.

7. When the guard assembly line is inspected, it is inquiring about the operation, cleaning, smoothing, and viewing and adjusting the spiral tensioning equipment.

8. The assembly line should normally start when there is no load, and continue to work after the material is discharged.

9. In addition to the normal smoothing and the replacement of single damaged parts during the application process, the assembly line manufacturers will repair all the pieces once every 6 months. Eliminate the shortcomings in use and description during repair, replace damaged parts and replace smooth oil.

10. The company can draw up the repair cycle according to the operating conditions of the assembly line.

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