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Pvc belt conveyor line fault type and cause

The pvc belt conveyor line is a material conveying equipment commonly used in industrial production. Although it is very general, it is crucial to the normal operation of the entire production system. In practice, the problem of pvc belt conveyor line is reflected in the problem of conveyor chain, and the conveyor chain of pvc belt conveyor line is the primary component of conveying equipment. It is a very important traction equipment. It consists of connecting chain, chain plate and chain. The ring 3 is composed of parts. Therefore, the selection of the components of the pvc belt conveyor line transmission chain plays an important role in the normal operation of the conveyor equipment. In view of this, this paper firstly analyzes the cause of the transmission chain of the pvc belt conveyor line, in order to reduce the defect rate of the pvc belt conveyor line as much as possible, reduce the repair cost of the conveyor equipment, and improve the production power.

Pvc belt conveyor line failure type and reason:

1, fault type

The type of pvc belt conveyor chain has the following manifestations: the chain plate is damaged, the conveyor chain is pulled out in the chain machine slot, the transmission chain is dropped on the power sprocket, the connecting link is cracked, and the link ring is damaged.

2, the reasons for analysis

(1) The damage of the chain plate is mostly excessive wear and tortuous deformation, and occasionally cracking. The main causes of the attack are: 1pvc belt conveyor trough bottom plate is not flat, perhaps exceeding the tortuous point of view of the planning requirements; 2pvc belt conveyor trough bottom plate joint is not good, maybe partial deformation; 3 large block-shaped conveying materials are in operation When kneading or jamming, the conveyor chain instantaneously receives a large impact stress; 4 when the interval between adjacent chain plates exceeds the critical requirement, the overload operation for a long time causes the chain plate to be damaged.

Pvc belt conveyor line fault type and cause

(2) The conveyor chain is taken out in the pvc belt conveyor line slot . The main reasons for the attack are: 1pvc belt conveyor line slot bottom plate is not flattened and laid flat according to the planning requirements, but uneven and excessively tortuous; 2 chain plate Or pvc belt conveyor line slot is severely worn, so that the gap between the two is too large; 3 chain plate two-head conveyor chain length is different, the force is unbalanced; 4 chain plate deformation zigzag excessively makes the chain plate chain chain pitch become smaller; 5pvc belt conveyor The pre-tension of the conveyor chain of the wire is not good, and a chain is formed at the tail of the machine, so that the chain plate can be easily taken out from the pvc belt conveying trunk.

(3) The power sprocket and the transmission chain cannot be normally meshed, causing the transmission chain to fall on the power sprocket, presenting a commonly known phenomenon of "jumping teeth". The main causes of the attack are: 1 the power sprocket wears severely or stirs up the debris; 2 the two chains are inconsistent; 3

The chain plate is skewed or the distance is too large; 4 the head is not installed properly, the straightness of the chain and the head does not meet the requirements; 5 the gap between the power sprocket and the drive shaft is too large, causing the power sprocket to skew or sway.

(4) The joint link is cracked. The various connection chains used in China's pvc belt conveyor line are produced in accordance with relevant regulations. The breaking load is about 10 times the acceptable tensile force of the chain plate, and the safety factor is large. In theory, the chain breaking accident should not occur, but practice The cause of the link chain in use is relatively large. The main reasons for the attack are: 1 receiving the pulsating load for a long time, and being weaker than the breaking tension, the fracture is generally at the transition of the arc of the link and the straight line; 2 The production quality is not in conformity with the specifications, and the material and heat treatment level are not closed; 3 the transmission chain is in conflict with the continuous contact of the pvc belt conveying trough, sprocket, material, etc., and the transition between the arc and the straight line is In the most severe local area of wear, the cross-sectional area of the bearing is gradually reduced, resulting in a decrease in strength, mainly due to the outer side of the straight portion of the link caused by the material or the chain plate groove, the outer side of the arc portion, and the joint between the two joint rings. 3 parts of the inner wear; 4 joint link corrosion, seizure rust, pit, peeling, so that the cross-sectional area is reduced, the tensile strength is reduced; 5 things are mixed into the iron, etc. As the card chain, the chain tension is pulled off; 6 the transmission chain is frequently started under full load or overload condition, so that the impact force received by the transmission chain exceeds the strength limit; 7 chain pre-tension is lacking, too loose, forming a chain, forming a chain The plate is out of the slot, and the card chain phenomenon occurs; 8 the pre-tension is too large, the transmission chain is too tight, which accelerates the wear of the chain, and there is no buffering step in the occurrence of the card chain, which shortens the service life; the distance of the 9 chain plate exceeds twice the requirement. When moving to the nose, because of the tension of the conveyor chain, the chain without the chain plate is stretched and cannot slide in the chain machine slot, and the next chain plate is also stretched with the chain, and the machine head is unloaded. The equipment is dry, the card chain is broken, and the chain is broken; 10 the two chains are inconsistent, so that the load will gather on the tight chain and then exceed the strength limit.

(5) The pvc belt conveyor line is damaged. In practice, because the link ring tends to be slightly larger than the transport chain and the wear condition is severe, the link ring becomes a weak point in the entire conveyor chain. Its damage form is mainly severe wear, cracking and swinging. The main causes of the attack are: 1 receiving pulsating load for a long time, fatigue damage; 2 loosening of the pin or bolt, failing to find the compensation in time, causing the link to be damaged Uneven force or pull-off; 3 Regarding the vertical ring, the unilateral wear is more severe. If it is not replaced in time, it is easy to crack; 4 after the chain, there will be a large dynamic load and impact load, resulting in the speed of the transmission chain. The instantaneous large shake makes the conveyor chain run unsteadily, and then accelerates the wear or cracking of the chain. 5 The production quality is poor, the wear resistance is poor or the resistance is poor, the hardness is low, and the stress may gather fatigue cracks, resulting in lack of strength.

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