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Workshop belt line breakage damage

The belt conveyor line in the workshop uses its long transmission interval, the transmission method is simple, and the conveying speed is fast. Because of the influence of the working environment and the nature of the work and the quality of the belt of the workshop, the conveyor often presents the belt breakage during the operation, which not only poses a threat to the life safety of the workers, but also is not conducive to the operation power. progress. In order to ensure the safety of the workers and improve the working power and work quality, it is especially important to use the workshop belt line breakage maintenance equipment to maintain the conveyor.

Workshop belt line breakage damage

1. Damage to the belt belt of the workshop belt

The phenomenon of belt breakage in the belt of the workshop has damaged the other parts of the conveyor to a certain extent. For example, the roller bracket can form a roller once the roller bracket is damaged, because the roller cannot be securely fixed, so that the roller is separated from the roller bracket, and the falling of the roller may form a life safety for the worker adjacent to the workshop belt line. On the other hand, it may also cause a certain degree of damage to other equipment in the vicinity of the workshop belt line. It can be seen that the belt winding of the workshop belt is not only economically lost due to damage to other parts of the conveyor, but also economic loss due to damage to other parts around the workshop belt line. In addition, the belt conveyor line in the workshop will be repaired. It will take a lot of time, during which the conveyor can't work normally, and the economic loss is self-evident. If the situation is serious, it will even lead to loss of life.

2, the formation of the belt belt line of the workshop

The belt running line breakage in the workshop refers to the phenomenon that the conveyor belt can not work normally due to the cracking of the conveyor belt due to some reason during the normal operation of the conveyor. There are many reasons for the cracking of the belt flow line in the workshop. Firstly, the belt tearing of the workshop belt line may be due to the unqualified quality of the conveyor belt joint. Some of the metal joints used in the joints of the conveyor belt are vulcanized joints. Once the quality of the joints is not guaranteed, the weight of the articles conveyed by the conveyors may be affected by the working time of the conveyors, and the joints are easily damaged. Over time, after all, the crack at the joint occurred. Secondly, the belt belt of the workshop belt is caused by the direct cracking of the conveyor belt. The quality of the conveyor belt is not the direct cause of the cracking of the conveyor belt. It is also the most important reason, because the operation time is too long or the quality of the delivered goods is too large, so that the belt conveyor line of the workshop is overloaded and the probability of cracking of the conveyor belt is increased. In addition, the unreasonable use of the belt conveyor line in the workshop also increases the frequency of the broken belt. It is unreasonable to place the articles on the conveyor belt, and the interval between the masses of the conveyed articles is too large, etc., which will cause unevenness of the conveyor belt, and then the conveyor belt will be cracked. In addition, the belt flow line of the workshop has a large strain at the time of initial start and sudden suspension, which has a vital influence on the conveyance. Therefore, in order to avoid damage to the conveyor belt during start and stop, the conveyor belt should be guaranteed. The time when there is no item transfer may be stopped or may be suspended.

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