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Roller line equipment features

With the application of the drum line in various economic fields in China, today's production companies generally choose to use food line equipment to improve production operations. The drum line can also develop, design and manufacture food line accessories according to the needs of production automation and the different needs of logistics.

Roller line equipment features

The drum line is easy to connect and filter, and multiple drum lines and other food line equipment or special machines can be used to form a complex logistics conveying system to complete various process needs. At the same time, it is also possible to use the accumulation drum to realize the stacking and conveying of materials. It is more suitable for the transportation of all kinds of boxes, bags, pallets, etc., bulk materials, small items or irregular, flat bottom items should be placed on the pallet or in the tote, which can transport a single piece of heavy weight. The material is subjected to large impact loads, and the roller conveyor has a simple structure, high reliability, and convenient use and maintenance.

The design of the drum line is simple, the safety and reliability of the operation are relatively high, and it is convenient to use and maintain in daily production operations. The roller line is mainly composed of a roller, a frame, a bracket, a driving part and the like. The drum is a roller line machine that moves the articles forward by the friction between the rotating rollers and the articles. It has the characteristics of large conveying capacity, fast speed, light running speed, and multi-variable collinear split conveying.

According to the driving form of the assembly line roller line, it can be divided into a power roller line, a powerless roller line, and an electric roller line. According to the layout, crying for horizontal conveying, inclined conveying and turning conveying. In the power drum line, the driving method of the driving drum is usually not in the form of separate driving, but most of them are driven by a combination of a motor and a speed reducer, and are driven by a chain drive and a conveyor belt of a food line. Drive the rotation of the drum line.

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