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Roller line operation and application instructions

The rapid development of the economy has provided a huge market for the application of roller line. Nowadays, the application of roller line can be seen in the machinery industry, electronics industry, printing industry and other industries. The structure of the drum line is very simple, mainly composed of the drive roller, the frame, the bracket, the driving part, etc., so it is also very convenient to maintain.

When using the roller line, the good quality conveyor belt can effectively extend the working time, reduce the probability of the drum line shutdown, and make the drum line continue to operate efficiently. So what kind of conveyor belt can meet the needs of the drum line? Specifically, there are the following points:

1. It is required that the roller line conveyor belt has small mass, high tensile strength and bending strength, and good groove forming performance;

2. Due to the alternating bending load, it is required to have a high adhesion strength between the core interlayer and the rubber layer to prevent peeling and tearing between layers;

Roller line operation and application instructions

3. The drum line conveyor belt is required to be processed finely to ensure that the interlayers are evenly subjected to load when subjected to pure stretching;

4. The cover rubber and interlayer core of the roller line conveyor belt should have high impact resistance and mechanical damage resistance; because the belt conveyor has a large pulling force on the conveyor belt at the moment of starting, so The conveyor belt must have high impact resistance and mechanical damage resistance.

5. In order to extend the service life of the roller line, the conveyor belt should have sufficient wear resistance; if the time used is too long, the wear and tear will occur, and the wear resistance of the conveyor belt is not enough, so the use time is short. It must be shut down for replacement, which will inevitably affect production use.

6. In order to make the initial tension required for driving as small as possible, the conveyor belt is required to have a high friction coefficient; if the friction coefficient is too small, the belt slips and the like may occur after a long use time, which affects the use.

7. The roller line conveyor belt has good shape stability, and has neither long longitudinal elastic elongation nor small permanent elongation, and the tensioning stroke does not exceed 1.5 of the length of the belt conveyor;

8. The connection of the end of the roller line conveyor belt should be simple, but the strength of the joint should not be significantly weakened, and the thickness of the joint must be the same as the thickness of other parts.

The drum line and the dusting line often have some noise when running the material. The reason may be that the driving device, the reversing roller, the driving roller and the roller group will emit abnormal noise when it is not normal. The remote electromechanical maintenance personnel can Abnormal noise can be used to judge the failure of the conveying equipment, and then perform corresponding maintenance.

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