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The role of double speed chain lines is those

In the food production process, a large amount of materials need to be transported from raw materials to finished products, and between the production units. As the degree of industrialization of production increases, in order to improve labor productivity and reduce labor intensity, Various conveying machines must be used to complete the material conveying task. Therefore, the rational selection and use of conveying machinery is of great significance to the continuity of production, the improvement of productivity and product quality, and the reduction of labor intensity of workers. Especially after adopting advanced technical equipment and realizing single-machine automation, it is more necessary to connect the single machines organically to form an automatic production line. Especially in the case of large-scale industrial production, transportation machinery and equipment are more essential.

Double speed chain is of great significance for ensuring food hygiene. For example, in the production of juices, dairy products, etc., the materials are continuously transported through pumps and pipes, which not only saves labor, but also ensures hygiene. However, the choice of conveying equipment should be considered in consideration of the needs of the production process and comprehensive analysis based on the situation of the double-speed chain, and strive to be technically reasonable and economically cost-effective.

The role of double speed chain lines is those

1. Organize the centralized production of the same type of parts, gather the parts with similar structure and process, and adopt group process to expand the batch and improve the specialization degree of the work place.

2. Strengthen the planning work, rationally match the products, and reduce the number of products in the cycle to improve the professionalization of the workplace.

3. Under the principle of comprehensive planning and reasonable arrangement, actively develop specialized production to increase the volume and increase the degree of specialization of the workplace.

4. Strengthen the serialization, weighing and generalization of products, expand the use of standard parts and common parts, and improve the degree of specialization of the workplace.

In short, we should expand the batch as much as possible from all aspects and improve the degree of specialization of the workplace. This makes it possible to organize batch production in a single-piece production enterprise.

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