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What is the principle of the workshop belt line?

The belt conveyor line of the workshop is a kind of continuous transportation. It is characterized by continuous transportation between the loading and unloading point and the loading point. The belt conveyor line of the workshop is based on the principle of friction transmission. It is more suitable for transporting powdery, granular or small pieces of material as well as bagged materials.

What is the principle of the workshop belt line?

The principle of the belt conveyor line in the workshop is that the external torque is transmitted to the home belt and the planetary gear carrier through the clutch, and the common belt pipeline planetary wheel is driven to revolve with the belt pipeline planet. The internal gear is fixed, so that the planetary gear of the public appliance belt assembly line rotates in the opposite direction to the rotation direction. The common star wheel drives the sun gear and other gears for speed and torque output. Without considering the inertial force of each component, when the entire belt-line planetary gear is attached with a suitable angular velocity to make it a conversion mechanism, the relative angular velocity and the force between the teeth do not change, and the friction coefficient It has not changed. Therefore, it can be approximated that the friction loss of the planetary gear train and its switching power in the belt conveyor line is equal. And the meshing power is proportional to the friction loss value. The number of teeth of the center wheel and the number of planet gears are dynamic characteristics that significantly affect the two basic parameters. When selecting these two parameters, different combinations of parameters should be considered, and the advantages of some principle planetary transmissions should be designed according to the basic optimization. Now that we know the transmission principle of the belt-line planetary gear, we can better use the belt line in industrial production and transportation.

The most important thing in the production management of the belt conveyor line in the workshop is maintenance. What maintenance techniques are there in the assembly line? The maintenance skills of the workshop belt line are usually mainly used in two aspects, one is the start and stop of the assembly line; the other is to find and eliminate the failure of the belt conveyor in time. First of all, the start and stop of the workshop belt line, the line is usually started without goods. If several belt conveyors are to be installed in sequence, a lockable starter is used, which makes it easy to operate. Also, in order to prevent sudden accidents, each conveyor must have a button to start or stop.

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