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Hanging chain conveyor line life

How long a set of suspension chain conveyor equipment can be used, there is no way to specify the time, and there is no relevant reference. There are many factors in the service life of a set of suspension chain conveyors. Some sets of suspension chain conveyors can be used for eight or nine years, while some suspension chain conveyors only take two or three years. However, according to the remote electromechanical production of the suspension chain conveyor line equipment, after many years of observation and measurement, it is estimated that the life of the suspension chain conveyor line equipment is about 5 to 7 years. The hanging chain conveyor line is a mechanical device. Generally, it is produced in the long-term production period of 5 years. Many parts of the basic suspension chain conveyor line are aging, and the operation is gradually slow. In the event of failure, overhaul must be required, and the cost of overhaul can be compared. High, and after the overhaul, it is not necessarily guaranteed to last. After the general manufacturers will weigh the pros and cons, they will decide to purchase new suspension chain conveyor equipment.

Hanging chain conveyor line life

1. Detach the operation, and split some procedures that require a long time to work on the operations of other employees.

2. Transfer some of the work content from other processes to increase the workload

3. Combine short-time work processes

4. Dispatch highly skilled workers into weak procedures.

5. Use overtime or other methods to complete some difficult procedures.

Improper coordination of the movement of the workpiece and the beat of the production line is often the root cause of the inefficiency of the work. There is work in front, and the back is blinking, and the quick hand is busy, and the hands are piled up into mountains. For such a situation, it must be adjusted and changed!

Also talking about the life of the suspension chain conveyor line equipment, you have to talk about the use environment and maintenance of the suspension chain conveyor line equipment, this problem is the key to the life of the suspension chain conveyor line equipment, the machinery needs maintenance. law. Therefore, it is here to warn the enterprise manufacturers that they want to hang the chain conveyor line equipment for longer life and better production and regular maintenance.

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