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Pvc belt conveyor line cleaning precautions

Before the pvc belt conveyor line is operated, the following three tests are performed.

First of all, we must confirm that the pvc belt conveyor line equipment, personnel, and articles being transported are in a safe and sound state.

Secondly, it is necessary to check that the moving parts of the pvc belt conveyor line are normal and free of foreign matter, and check that all electrical circuits are normal.

Finally, check that the difference between the supply voltage and the rated voltage of the device does not exceed five percent.

If the pvc belt conveyor line is inspected correctly, do the following.

1. Close the main power switch and check if the power supply of the device is normally fed and the power indicator is on. After the normal operation, proceed to the next step.

Pvc belt conveyor line cleaning precautions

2. Close the power switch of each circuit and check if it is normal. Under normal conditions: the device does not work, the pvc belt conveyor line running indicator does not light, the power indicator of the inverter and other equipment is on, and the inverter's display panel displays normal.

3. Start each electrical device in turn according to the process flow, and then start the next electrical device after the previous electrical device starts normally.

Nowadays, the assembly line has been widely used in various production enterprises. It is an important equipment responsible for transportation. Maintaining the normal operation of the assembly line is the key to the stability of the delivery system. Once the assembly line is put into production, long-term work will cause a certain loss. If you can pay attention to daily cleaning protection, it will be used for a long time. Professional assembly line manufacturers will introduce in detail the cleaning precautions of the assembly line, as follows:

1. Do not make the assembly line equipment still in operation before cleaning the assembly line.

2, pvc belt conveyor line cleaning surface is prohibited to use salt water, acid water, etc., to avoid corrosion of the assembly line, remote mechanical and electrical advice is recommended to use tap water or alcohol scrub.

3, the motor should always add lubricating oil to ensure the smooth operation of the assembly line.

4, the line glass countertops are best scrubbed with alcohol.

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