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What are the conditions for organizing the workshop belt line?

What are the conditions for organizing the workshop belt line?

The belt conveyor line in the workshop has become more and more popular with the development of Industry 4.0. Many factories choose a custom assembly line to improve their production efficiency. The assembly line has great characteristics. Its operation is generally mechanical processing, and the work is highly specialized. Workers can carry out batch production work on it. However, the setting of the belt conveyor line in this workshop also has certain conditions, and not all workshops are suitable for production.

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Organizing the workshop belt line must meet the following conditions:

First, the product structure and process should have a certain stability, so that special equipment and special process equipment can fully exert its effectiveness. For example, the assembly of mobile phone parts, the structure of the workpiece is relatively stable, and the assembly process is also fixed. The speed of assembly can be accelerated by the use of the workshop belt line, and the production efficiency is improved.

Second, the output of the product should be large enough to ensure that the belt flow line of the workshop reaches an economically reasonable load rate. The customization cost of a set of automation equipment is relatively high. If the production volume of the factory is not large enough and the production of the assembly line cannot be sustained, the factory will suffer a loss.

Third, raw materials and matching parts must be standardized and available on time. In the workshop belt line, each link should maintain a certain working rhythm and can cooperate with each other, otherwise it will not form a virtuous cycle of production lines.

Fourth, the production process can be divided into several simple processes, some of which can be properly combined and decomposed according to the requirements of production synchronization, so that the working time of each process is not much different. The shop belt line connects different processes according to the sequence and time of the process, allowing each process to be optimized to optimize the entire production process.

Once the workshop belt line is properly set up, it can increase the labor productivity of the workers and reduce the cost of factory production. At the same time, it can also improve the quality of product production. After each process can be stably operated, the quality of production can be stabilized. This workshop belt line is also very easy to manage, and it is very quick to find out which process has a problem, and the manager can handle the problem in a timely manner. Before the factory organizes the belt flow line in the workshop, it is necessary to carry out detailed research and analysis on the production process in order to design reasonable facilities and equipment.

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