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What should I pay attention to in the garment workshop belt line?

What should I pay attention to in the garment workshop belt line?

Many garment factories have set up workshop belt lines , and they will set up different lines according to the various processes of garment production. Some assembly lines are used for the processing of fabrics, some are used for the processing of jewelry, and some are used for the sewing of garments and accessories. No matter which type of workshop belt line is used, it can't be blind when setting up. It should be set according to the parameters of garment production.

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The clothing workshop belt assembly line should pay attention to the following aspects when setting:

1. Pay attention to the standard product unit time output. This refers to the output of the product within the specified production time, such as daily output, weekly output, monthly output, quarterly output and annual output. The running speed of the workshop belt line should be based on the output. Adjustment.

2, pay attention to the process standard operating time, which refers to the time required to complete a process under the specified technical conditions. There are many factors that affect standard operating time, such as the proficiency of the operator, the advanced level of mechanical equipment, and the sewing requirements of the product. These factors should be considered when organizing the belt flow line in the workshop, and the speed cannot be pursued blindly.

3. Pay attention to the shift mode. The garment factory usually has one shift, two shifts and three shifts. The factory should customize the workshop belt line with different quality according to the working time of the equipment.

4, should pay attention to the type and quantity of production equipment, which refers to whether the existing equipment can meet the requirements of the production of the belt conveyor line in the workshop. If it does not meet the requirements, it is a waste of the assembly line equipment.

5, should pay attention to the ability of production personnel, the production capacity of production personnel determines the production speed of the assembly line.

6. Pay attention to the garment production process. The garment production process should conform to the planning of the production line. According to the decomposition and merger of the garment production process, the workshop belt assembly line can be better organized.

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