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Introduction to the characteristics of the workshop belt line

The workshop belt line is also called the assembly line. An industrial production method means that each production unit only focuses on the work of a certain piece to improve work efficiency and output. According to the line transportation mode, it can be roughly divided into: belt flow assembly line. Seven types of lines, such as plate chain, double speed chain, plug-in line, mesh belt line, suspension line and roller line. Generally, it comprises a traction member, a bearing member, a driving device, a tensioning device, a redirecting device and a support member. The pipeline has high scalability and can be designed according to the demand, conveying speed, assembly station, auxiliary components (including quick connectors, fans, lights, sockets, process boards, storage racks, 24V power supply, wind batch, etc. Welcome; the assembly line is an effective combination of people and machines, which fully reflects the flexibility of the equipment. It combines the conveying system, the pallet and the online special machine and the testing equipment to meet the conveying requirements of various varieties of products. There are / (forced) synchronous transmission, or non-synchronous transmission / (flexible), according to the configuration choice, assembly and transportation requirements can be achieved. The conveyor line is indispensable in the mass production of the enterprise.

Introduction to the characteristics of the workshop belt line

The workshop belt assembly line is organized according to the principle of the object, and a production organization form that completes the product process, that is, according to the principle of product specialization, equipped with various equipments and workers of various types of work required to produce a certain product (zero, parts) It is responsible for completing all the manufacturing work of a certain product (zero, component), and processing different labor processes for the same labor object.

The characteristics of the belt conveyor line in the workshop: the load bearing products are lighter and the shape limit is less; and the production line runs synchronously, which can realize the product climbing and steering; the belt can be used as the carrier and conveyance, the product can be smoothly conveyed, the noise is small; the light material can be realized or The product is transported over a longer distance.

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