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The role and layout of the suspension chain conveyor line

In general, the suspension chain conveyor line is an effective combination of human and machine, which can fully realize the production flexibility of the pipeline equipment. It will be a conveyor system, which can be used in conjunction with on-line fixtures and online special machines, and an effective combination of inspection equipment to meet the requirements. Flow delivery requirements for multi-variety products. The transmission mode of the suspension chain conveyor line has a forced transmission mode or a non-synchronous transmission flexible type. According to the configuration selection, then the assembly and the transportation requirements can be realized. The transportation line is indispensable in the mass production of the enterprise, saving labor costs and improving production efficiency for the enterprise.

The role and layout of the suspension chain conveyor line

Hanging chain conveyor line

First, equipment utilization is high. A group of machines is lined up several times more than this set of discrete-output single-output machines.

Second, the product is reduced by 80%.

Third, productivity is relatively stable. One or more machine tools consisting of automatic processing systems, failure, degrading operations, and material handling systems are also capable of bypassing the faulty machine.

Finally, high quality products. The machining and processing of complete parts in the processing of parts, process stability.

The suspension chain conveyor line is a special form of product oriented layout. The suspension chain conveyor line is connected by a continuous line of material handling equipment. Hanging chain conveyor lines are an important technology and can be said to be used to some extent in the production assembly line of any of the many components and final products. The suspension chain conveyor line layout is influenced by the assembly line equipment, products, personnel, logistics and transportation and production and other factors.

The balance of the suspension chain conveyor line is to balance the personnel or the machine as much as possible so that the output of the assembly line can reach the required level. Assembly line balancing issues are associated with facility planning. The balance of the assembly line directly affects the productivity of the manufacturing system.

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