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Plate recycling line quality identification

The tray recycling line is mostly used in food conveying, drying conveying, cleaning and conveying operations. The tray recycling line has two structural designs, one is a mesh belt made of stainless steel, the body is made of carbon steel, and the other is all stainless steel. The transportation of the general environment uses the former design, and the food environment or the harsh environment is transported after use. The conveyor belt of the tray recycling line adopts a chain type mesh belt structure, and the structure has a long conveying distance and a long service life. The tray recycling line fuselage adopts frame welding or folding plate assembly structure. These two designs have advantages and disadvantages, one is strong and the other is high in appearance. The power design of the stainless steel mesh belt conveyor is driven by a variable frequency speed reduction motor, and the power is assembled according to the delivery amount. The tray recycling line is widely used. The line body is a belt conveyor with three types of straight, turning and climbing. The purchase of the tray recycling line is particularly important, which directly affects the future use and cost. Here we introduce the tips for purchasing the next tray recycling line:

Plate recycling line quality identification

1. Quality identification of the tray recycling line

1 plate recycling line should check the appearance, see if the paint, parts, etc. are in good condition;

2 The tray recycling line should be operated according to the instructions, whether all parts are in normal operation, etc.;

3 It depends on the supporting accessories of the model tray recycling line, such as: certificate of conformity, description, and whether the three-pack card is complete.

2, dinner plate recycling line after-sales service

1 meal tray recycling line is timely after sale, the general manufacturer promises 24 hours, but there are few international and domestic can do;

2 dinner plate recycling line after-sales cost. After the warranty period is a slaughter, usually a one-year warranty, but the buyer can actually win 2 years, the largest can be 3 years and ask the station technician. Purchased and recycled tray recycling line should also be carried out at the same time, the surface is treated with anti-rust treatment, such as baking varnish, electroplating, galvanizing, zinc chrome and so on. Otherwise, the life of the mesh belt turning machine will not last long.

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