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How to maintain the tray recycling line

How to maintain the tray recycling line

The tray recycling line has evolved from the early grain industry to the automotive brake performance test or the auxiliary industry for speedometer accuracy measurement, playing an increasingly important role in daily life. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, convenient installation, small rotation resistance, airbag braking, sufficient power and reliable braking, and no need to worry about the power problem at the same time, and the brake table or the speed table used in the power supply can achieve the purpose of sharing. Reduces many aspects of device use. Different types of conveying equipment can be selected depending on the amount of conveyance and the type of material.

Maintenance requirements for the tray recycling line

For the tray recycling line, although it is already a high-tech equipment, in the daily work, it is necessary to do the operation of the equipment and the maintenance of daily use, which is the premise and the primary task of the equipment to work normally. The maintenance of the conveyor first requires regular timing of the lubrication of the gears of the equipment, the oil-filled holes of the bearings, and other places where the wear and failure are likely to occur, to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

How to maintain the tray recycling line

The tray recycling line is a supplement to the traditional belt conveyor. It overcomes the shortcomings of belt belt tearing, puncture and corrosion, and provides customers with a safe, fast, easy to clean and easy to maintain conveying method. Since the mesh belt conveyor uses the modular mesh belt and the transmission mode is driven by the sprocket, the conveyor belt is not easy to snake and deflect, and the belt can withstand the characteristics of cutting, collision, oil resistance and water resistance, so that the industry It will not cause any troubles in maintenance when it is used, especially when replacing the conveyor belt of the conveyor belt. The mesh belts of different materials can be used for different conveying functions and meet the needs of different environments, and can be customized according to customer requirements.

Plate recycling line Product Description:

1. Standardized operation of the assembly line, efficient, hygienic and labor-saving;

2, adjustable speed, suitable for all kinds of tableware recycling;

3, food grade conveyor belt, temperature and corrosion resistance, in line with national health requirements;

4, self-cleaning slag removal mechanism, drawer type residue collector, easy to save slag;

5. The conveyor belt has anti-bias positioning function;

6. The outer surface of the transmission wheel is covered with rubber, the transmission force is large, and the transmission is stable and reliable;

7. Stainless steel is used for racks, legs, slag discharge mechanisms, rollers, connecting rods, etc.

8. The conveyor belt adopts wear-resistant transmission wheel and food grade conveyor belt.

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For the tray recycling line that plays a direct role in the production of the company, the stable operation of the equipment is crucial. For high-performance equipment, if daily lubrication and maintenance are not possible, there will be problems with the best equipment, which will have more or less impact on future production and use.

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