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Tooling board line performance parameters

The assembly line, also known as the tooling plate line, is suitable for mass production of large workpiece processing, assembly, packaging, etc.; it adopts 2.5-3 speed chain conveyor, special tool plate above the chain, frequency conversion speed control device, both sides can be forward and reverse simultaneously Delivery

Tooling board line performance parameters:

Line width: 250-900mm, can be selected by the customer

Line height: generally 750mm, range 500-1000mm, with customer selection

Line length: single-stage drive up to 30-40m, selected by customer

Conveying speed: 2-20 m / min

Chain-type: chain and roller transport constant speed - double pitch roller chain, chain and roller transmit differential-differential chain (2.5x and 3x)

Tooling board type: steel plate, engineering plastic board, wood board, etc.

Frame material: aluminum, carbon steel

Charge setting: Conductive wheel in the wire body, conductive row on the work board, can realize live delivery, and has completed the test function.

Tooling board line performance parameters

Power supply: single phase 220V three phase 380V 50Hz (selected by customer)

The flat design of the tooling plate line should ensure that the transportation route of the parts is the shortest, the production workers are easy to operate, the auxiliary service department is convenient to work, the production area is most effectively utilized, and the connection between the installation and installation of the tooling plates is considered. In order to meet these requirements, the form of the tooling plate line and the arrangement method of the tooling plate installation work place should be considered in the layout of the tooling plate line.

When the tooling plate line is installed, the arrangement of the working place should conform to the process route. When the process has more than two working places, the arrangement method of the working place of the same process should be considered. Generally, when there are two or more even-numbered work sites, consider using a two-column arrangement and classifying them in two cases of the transportation route. But when a worker is looking after multiple devices, consider moving the worker to the shortest possible distance.

The position of the tooling board line installation involves the relationship between the various tooling board lines. It should be arranged according to the order required for the assembly of the processing components. The overall layout should carefully consider the material flow direction problem, thereby shortening the route and reducing the transportation workload. In short, we must pay attention to the rational and scientific spatial organization of the production process.

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