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What is the role of the roller line?

What is the role of the roller line?

The drum line is a device that uses the drum to drag the working plane to transmit motion to achieve the purpose of the production process. It can be used in many different fields, and can be used as a tray recycling line in catering, used to automatically recycle dishes, or can be turned into a dishwasher conveyor belt to make dishwashing more intelligent. Let's walk into the catering industry to learn more about what the lower roller line plays.

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The drum line is a combined assembly mode. The number of stations in the assembly line and the distance between the rollers can be designed according to the customer's needs. The assembly line generally includes traction components, bearing components, driving devices, tensioning devices, orientation devices and supports. component. The tray recycling line contains these structures, which automate the recycling of the plates and replace the traditional manual recycling methods in the canteen. Traditional manual recycling methods are slower and require a lot of labor costs. With the drum line, the efficiency of the tray recycling becomes higher and the labor costs are much less. The dishwashing belt also replaces the manual, making the tableware easier and faster to clean. We all know that the dishwasher will clean and disinfect the tableware under high temperature and high pressure, and it will also dry it. When the clean plate is disinfected from the dishwasher, it is still high temperature. If it is easy to be burned by manual operation. However, the combination of the dishwasher and the roller line does not cause this problem.

There are many functions of the roller line. People need to find a reliable manufacturer to cooperate. Only reliable manufacturers can provide a good assembly line solution. Whether it is a tray recycling line or a dishwashing belt, it needs to be designed according to the environment of the dining place. Without this design and production capacity, it is impossible to provide a reliable dishwashing belt and tray recycling equipment. And the manufacturer also needs to provide good sales service, because the roller line is a custom-made product. When the equipment fails, the manufacturer needs to be able to solve it in time, so as not to delay the daily work of the catering industry.

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