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What should I pay attention to when using the roller line?

What should I pay attention to when using the roller line?

When choosing a roller line , people will customize the length line and the appropriate line equipment for the surface material according to their own production work. The surface material of the general dishwasher conveyor belt is made of high temperature resistant material and can withstand the high temperature and pressure of the dishwasher. The width of the tray recycling line will be based on the width of one tray, so that the tray with the tableware can be placed on the recycling line. After customizing the roller line, there will be many problems in the process of use.

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The drum line can be used in conjunction with the blocker to allow the product to run continuously and in a beat, and also has the function of accumulation. The transfer speed of the line will have a certain impact on the operation, so pay attention to its transmission speed. For example, if the transfer speed of the plate recycling line is too fast and the end personnel do not process the plate in time, the recycling line has no other space to store more plates, which will affect the efficiency of the plate recycling. Use the roller line to pay attention to the problem of stacking, and if there is a stacking problem, it should be disposed of immediately. For example, dishwasher conveyor belts, sometimes the tableware is placed in the wrong position, will be stuck during the transfer process, if not processed in time, other tableware will not be transported and piled up together. Although the roller line replaces many manual operations, it is necessary to have the corresponding personnel to monitor its use.

The drum line can be set up according to the process node, or the station can be appropriately increased according to the transmission speed. In addition to the basic operators, the supervisory group leader should also be set. For example, the tray recycling line can be set to two or three stations according to the length, and one or two stations can be added during the peak meal period. And for a highly automated device like a dishwasher conveyor, you can set up only two stations, one at the front and the end of the dishwasher. The drum line is a flexible production line equipment. There are probably many problems encountered during the use. It is necessary for the operator to summarize the work and find a good operation flow.

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