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Why dishwasher conveyor belts are so popular

Why dishwasher conveyor belts are so popular

The dishwasher conveyor is an automated device that is used in restaurants and cafeterias. This type of conveyor belt is usually used in combination with a tray recycling line to form a production line from the recycling of the front end plate to the cleaning of the kitchen plate. This roller line is not only popular in catering, but also popular in the production lines of major factories. Let's walk into the catering industry to find out why the dishwasher conveyor belt is popular.

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Dishwasher belts have many advantages, which can improve the cleaning and disinfection efficiency of restaurant and dining room tableware, and reduce the cost of business operations. Starting from the tray recycling line, the tableware can be transferred semi-automatically to a defined area, and the restaurant and canteen can only be arranged in a fixed area to facilitate the simple processing of the plate. By placing the processed tray into the dishwasher conveyor, the machine automatically cleans, dries and disinfects the tray. If the plate is cleaned by pure labor, the efficiency will be very low, and the plate will be hot after disinfection, and the manual operation will be prone to burns. If you need to clean 5,000 plates per day, you may need more than a dozen people by hand alone, but it takes less than ten people to transfer the plates using the roller line, and the completion time is shorter. Moreover, these dishwasher conveyor belts are not only efficient in cleaning and disinfecting the products, but also have a very high cleaning quality.

Dishwasher conveyors are very simple to operate, and all operational processes need to be considered in the early stages of design, making it easy for employees to operate. At the push of a button, the tray recycling line will be able to move, and the staff outside the restaurant will turn the tray into the assembly line and turn it into the kitchen. The dishwasher only needs to simply process the tray on the recycling line and transfer it to the drum line of the dishwashing function. After the dishes are washed, dried and removed by the dishwasher, they are automatically sent out through the dishwasher conveyor. They only need to arrange for the employees to pack the clean plates and store them.

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