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Dishwasher conveyors should pay attention to routine maintenance

Dishwasher conveyors should pay attention to routine maintenance

The dishwasher conveyor belt liberates the hands of the person and turns the manual operation of the kitchen dish cleaning into a semi-automatic operation. This is the result of a combination of a roller line and a dishwasher. It is an assembly line that many hotels and restaurants are vying for. The tray recycling line is also a semi-automatic assembly line commonly used in kitchens, which greatly improves the efficiency of the restaurant. In order to make the semi-automatic equipment such as the dishwasher conveyor belt play a greater role, pay attention to maintenance work when using it.

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When using the dishwasher conveyor belt, be careful not to place the tableware in a mess. The tableware should be placed according to the washing rules of the dishwasher, otherwise the cleaning effect of the tableware will be affected. The roller line is composed of some pvc conveyor belts or hinges. During the process of conveying, some food residues will fall, so the daily cleaning work should be paid attention to. After the dishwasher conveyor belt is used every day, the residue in the processing pool should be cleaned and the sewage should be drained. In particular, there must be no residue of residue and oil on the machine. This requires the employee to wipe before going to work. In addition to daily maintenance, regular cleaning of the equipment is required. Whether it is a product recycling line or a dishwasher conveyor belt, some debris will fall into the gaps of the equipment and cannot be cleaned up in routine maintenance. It is usually possible to perform a large cleaning in half a month or a week. When cleaning, pay attention to the use of detergent. After cleaning, you can start the dishwasher conveyor belt, but do not put the tableware, use the dishwasher to clean and disinfect the conveyor belt. .

Dishwasher conveyor belts have many advantages for daily maintenance. First, you can ensure the cleanliness of the tableware, reduce the residue to breed bacteria, and prevent the bacteria on the tray recycling line from being derived on the conveyor belt. This will make consumers feel more comfortable with the restaurant. . Secondly, the probability of failure of such a roller line can be reduced, and the tableware cleaning work of the restaurant enterprise is more efficient. At the same time, good maintenance will extend the life of the dishwasher conveyor, allowing the restaurant owner to reduce the cost of repairs and re-purchase equipment.

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