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Roller line category

Roller line category

The drum line is a continuous conveying machine, also known as a conveyor line or conveyor. Its structural composition generally includes a traction member, a load bearing member, a driving device, a tensioning device, an orientation device, and a support member. The drum line pipeline has large conveying capacity and long distance, and can also complete a plurality of process operations in the transportation process at the same time, and is widely used in various industries. Today we have a deeper understanding of the lower roller line to see what classification it has.

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The drum line is classified according to the production process, and can be divided into a continuous line and a discontinuous line. The continuous line needs continuous processing and transportation. The quality and design requirements of the equipment are relatively high, and the cost of customization is relatively expensive.

The drum line can be divided into a fixed line and a moving line according to whether the processing is classified or not. The fixed assembly line refers to the production line that the production workers are fixed at a working place. It is a common production line to complete the production process on the drum line through the cooperation of workers of different types of work. The mobile assembly line is more flexible and the location of the operation will vary depending on production needs.

The drum line is classified according to the degree of mechanization, and can be divided into a manual line, a semi-automatic line and a fully automated line. All operations of the manual assembly line are performed manually, and are generally used for some more complicated and labor-intensive production work. The semi-automated assembly line and the fully automated assembly line are relatively smart, and the drum line is transported by rollers to achieve the purpose of production and processing. With the development of industrial automation in China, the intelligent roller line will be the trend of future factory production, which will comprehensively improve the production efficiency of the factory.

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