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The tray recycling line should pay attention to routine maintenance

The tray recycling line should pay attention to routine maintenance

The tray recycling line is a very convenient device that can increase the efficiency of the restaurant canteen and reduce the labor cost of the restaurant canteen. The tray recycling line is generally set at the front end of the restaurant and the back kitchen connection. The front hall staff puts the table tray and puts it on the recycling line. The kitchen staff can classify the dishes. In order to ensure the normal operation of the tray recycling line, daily maintenance work should be done.

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The plate recycling line transports a lot of cutlery every day. There are a lot of dregs and oil stains on the tableware that will fall onto the equipment. These things will not only breed a lot of bacteria, but also affect the operation of the equipment. Therefore, the tray recycling line should be cleaned every day. After each transfer, the large pieces of garbage dropped on the equipment should be cleaned, and the equipment should be cleaned with a rag with detergent to remove the above. Grease. If the oil stains are not cleaned, the conveyor belt on the tray recycling line will be corroded, shortening the service life of the equipment. In addition to daily cleaning, you should do some big cleaning work on a regular basis. Because daily cleaning can only clean some dirt on the surface, the stains hidden inside the equipment will not be cleaned for a long time and will affect the use of the equipment.

The tray recycling line also needs to check and adjust the conveyor belt after cleaning to ensure smooth operation next time. Every day, the conveyor belt will carry a large number of tableware. During the work process, there may be some positional deviation or loose belts in the tray recycling line. Therefore, after using for a period of time, it is necessary to do the debugging work to see if there are any problems such as loose screws. When it is found that the conveyor belt on the tray recycling line is damaged, it should be replaced in time to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

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