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Plate recycling line conveyor design

Plate recycling line conveyor design

The invention of the plate recycling line can make the recycling of the plates in the restaurant and the dining hall more convenient and automated. In the past, it was necessary to hire five employees to complete the tableware recycling and cleaning. After using the plate recycling line, only two employees may be needed. This can be done and the time to complete the work is shorter. The reason why the plate recycling line has these advantages and functions is because of the use of a lot of automation technology, let's take a look at its conveyor belt structure design.

Plate recycling line.png

The conveyor belt of the tray recycling line is composed of several L-shaped brackets through the front and rear grafting, and the optical axis is inserted in the middle of the conveyor belt, so that the conveyor belt can carry more tableware. The gap between the chains on both sides of the conveyor belt is in harmony with the gears that drive the conveyor belt. This structure ensures the normal transmission movement of the tray recycling line. There are small wheels on the outside of the chain. Its function is to share the weight of the plate and reduce the pressure on the motor when the wheel rolls on a smooth track. When the tray recycling line is working, the tableware can be firmly clamped and fixed in the area by the L-shaped bracket, which can make the transportation of the product more stable. These rubber wheels, brackets and chains are made of stainless steel and do not rust easily. After the end of the tray recycling line, some food may remain on the equipment. This structure design can be cleaned with detergent and water, which is very convenient.

The structural design of the tray recycling line conveyor is not limited to the type described above, but can also be used in other shapes according to the customer's needs, other design style conveyor belts. No matter which type of conveyor belt can carry the size and weight of the plate, it can be quickly and efficiently automated. The more reasonable the design of the tray recycling line conveyor, the smarter the overall equipment and the simpler the operation. I believe that with the advent of the era of big data, the overall design of the tray recycling line will usher in revolutionary reforms, and will have more and more functions.

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