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Application of induction devices in dishwasher conveyor belts

Application of induction devices in dishwasher conveyor belts

Dishwasher conveyors are a smart device common to modern restaurants and cafeterias, and many new large restaurants or hotels will pay for custom smart devices. The reason why dishwasher conveyors can be automated, is so popular with consumers because it uses a lot of advanced technology, including infrared sensing technology. Today we walked into the dishwasher conveyor and learned more about its sensing device.

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Dishwasher conveyors are generally used in conjunction with dishwashers. In order to better connect dishwashing equipment and reduce manual operations, induction technology is required to support automated operations. The signal acquisition is performed by an infrared transmitting circuit and an infrared receiving circuit. When the bowl approaches the sensing area of the infrared sensing device in the dishwasher conveyor, the receiver in the infrared sensing device can receive the infrared signal from the tableware. The receiver amplifies and filters the signal and processes the signal in an integrated circuit of the microcontroller. When the inductive receiver of the dishwasher conveyor outputs the converted information, the base current in the bistable control circuit can perform the relevant control of the tableware by a predetermined control method. For example, the control of the solenoid valve controls the level of the current level under the action of the sensing device when the tableware passes a certain position of the conveyor belt of the dishwasher, thereby controlling the opening and closing of the solenoid valve.

Dishwasher conveyor belts are generally custom-made, and users can customize according to the structure and size of their restaurant kitchen according to the condition of their own restaurant. If the requirements of the automation technology are relatively high, then the sensing device will be used more, it can be used not only in combination with the solenoid valve, but also in combination with various robot arms. This type of dishwasher conveyor belt is more powerful, but the cost of production is relatively high, only suitable for some enterprises with a large number of dishwashing.

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