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The application of PLC single chip in the tray recycling line

The application of PLC single chip in the tray recycling line

The use of the tray recycling line in various canteens has become more and more extensive, because the equipment is highly efficient in cleaning dishes and the cleaning floor is very clean. For the cafeteria, there are a lot of tableware to be processed every day, and the time for dining is dense. This kind of smart device can quickly eliminate labor. The reason why the plate recycling line has so many functions is because a lot of technology is used, among which PLC single chip microcomputer is used as the control system.

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The control system of the tray recycling line is a very critical component that can effectively control the movement of the entire equipment. The PLC single-chip microcomputer is a kind of chip of the main control system. It adopts a series of anti-interference measures of hardware and software, so the tray recycling line has strong anti-interference ability. This means that the probability of equipment failure is relatively small, its system is very stable, and its service life will be longer. The PLC can control the drive control motor to adjust the speed of the tray recycling line and the speed of dishwashing. Moreover, the entire device is relatively simple to operate, and the corresponding operation can be completed through the screen of the human-machine interface. Manufacturers of tray recycling lines will also add some different cleaning equipment to the equipment, such as twin-cylinder spraying equipment and drying equipment. Through the control of different drive motors by PLC single-chip microcomputer, the work of different cleaning equipment can be completed, making the whole equipment more intelligent and smoother.

The production price of the tray recycling line is not low. If the system and structure design is more complicated, the production cost will be higher and the customization price will be higher. However, if the canteen looks at the tray recycling line in the long-term perspective, the cost will not be high, and long-term use will be more cost-effective. Nowadays, many factory canteens and school cafeterias have begun to use this tray recycling line. They use workers and students to reduce the steps of dumping dumps on the plates. Then, using this smart recycling equipment, it is almost unnecessary to hire additional staff to clean the tableware. The cafeteria has a lot of cost.

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