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The characteristics of the tray recycling line PLC

The characteristics of the tray recycling line PLC

Many tray recycling lines use PLC as the control chip to control all the flow of the pipeline. Now the manufacturers of assembly lines may not necessarily have a deep research on PLC, but they will cooperate with the company that produces PLC to develop an assembly line that meets customer requirements. It can be said that who has better use of PLC, who will gain greater market competitiveness, let's walk into the tray recycling line to understand what features PLC has.

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The PLC system of the tray recycling line has the characteristics of high reliability and strong anti-interference ability, which is also the key performance of the electric control equipment. PLC is manufactured by modern large-scale integrated circuit technology and strict production process. The internal circuit adopts advanced anti-interference technology, so the reliability is high. For example, Mitsubishi's f-series PLCs have an average time between failures of up to 300,000 hours, and the catering recycling line uses this PLC to extend the trouble-free working hours of the equipment.

The PLC system of the tray recycling line has the characteristics of perfect function and strong applicability. With the development of PLC, it can form a series of large, medium and small products, which can be used in various occasions for dish recycling. In addition to the logic processing functions, modern programmable logic controllers have perfect data computing capabilities and can be applied to various digital control fields. In recent years, a large number of functional units have appeared in the PLC of the tray recycling line, so that the PLC penetrates into various tray recycling and cleaning control such as position control, temperature control, and numerical control.

The PLC system of the tray recycling line is also easy to learn and use, and has a small construction workload. It is a very convenient equipment for the restaurant staff. The restaurant staff can recycle, transport and clean the equipment with simple operation. work. For the manufacturer of the tray recycling line, the design of the system is relatively simple, which can greatly reduce the external wiring of the control device and simplify the structure of the device. This simplification makes the production cost of the tray recycling line less and can bring higher profit margins to the manufacturer.

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