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The characteristics of the dishwasher conveyor belt

The characteristics of the dishwasher conveyor belt

The manufacturing process of dishwasher conveyor belts is not very complicated, so there are many companies that produce and manufacture such equipment on the market. The structure and control system designed by different companies are different, and the appearance of the dishwasher conveyor belt is different. No matter which type of conveyor belt is used, it should be customized according to the needs of the restaurant company. In order to better customize the dishwasher conveyor belt, today we will understand what common features it has.

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Dishwasher conveyor belt is a common machine for many large dining halls and tableware disinfection centers. Its economy is very high, mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. The assembly line is highly specialized. This dishwasher conveyor belt is only used as a transmission tool for tableware. It is usually fixed in one place in the restaurant. One or two employees can complete a large number of tableware transportation work. It is designed to meet various kinds of utensils. The transportation of tableware is very convenient. 2. The rhythm of the operation is high, the operator can set the conveying speed of the dishwasher conveyor according to the number of tableware, and can complete the cleaning of the tableware in this speed rhythm. 3, can be used in conjunction with other equipment, dishwasher conveyor belt can be transported and cleaned together with the dishwasher, the working speed between the two equipment and processes can be adjusted to the same frequency, allowing the processing of restaurant tableware Work has become very automated.

4, production continuity, the conveyor belt of the dishwasher is closed to the tableware, forming a chain-like assembly line with the dishwashing equipment, the operator only needs to move in one direction, the whole tableware transportation and cleaning process can be done Highly continuous, able to clean large quantities of tableware.

These features of the dishwasher conveyor belt are based on the structure itself and are based on the development of modern automation technology. If you want to maintain these features and functions of the equipment, you should pay attention to the maintenance and maintenance work in daily use. Tableware will leave a lot of stains when it is recycled. When transporting on the dishwasher conveyor belt, it will cause certain pollution to the equipment. Therefore, after the work is done every day, the conveyor belt of the equipment should be cleaned simply. When the dishwasher conveyor is used for a period of time, regular maintenance is required.

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