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How to make reasonable use of the tray recycling line

How to make reasonable use of the tray recycling line

The tray recycling line uses various control systems and sensing technologies. After the device is powered on, it can automatically transport the plates to achieve the effect of moving the plates in different spaces. The tray recycling line is popular with many large hotels and canteens. They use custom assembly lines to improve the efficiency of the tray recycling and improve the efficiency of the company. However, in the actual use of the tray recycling line, many companies have not made reasonable use of it.

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Before customizing the tray recycling line, companies should design the assembly line according to their own needs, ensuring that the size and function of the line can meet the needs of tray recycling. Usually, there are several aspects to consider when designing. The first is the seamless docking of the table recycling line at the front end of the restaurant. For example, some schools will perfectly combine the equipment with the dish recycling window. Very convenient. This design can transfer the pressure of tableware recycling to the diners, reducing the labor costs of the enterprise. Secondly, at the end of the tray recycling line, it is also necessary to pay attention to the design. Some devices will establish a reminder function. When the plate is recycled to a certain amount, the staff can be notified by alarm to process the plate. This intelligent reminder feature can reduce unnecessary labor costs and eliminate the need to set up a position to look at the tray recycling line.

When the tray recycling line is running, the conveying speed of the tableware can be adjusted. When the company is in use, the speed of the equipment should be adjusted according to the actual situation of the diners. If there are not many diners, the speed should be relatively flat, reducing the cost of electricity running on the equipment. If there are more diners and the tray needs to be quickly recycled, the speed of the conveyor should be increased while the equipment is running safely. Through the increase of the running speed of the tray recycling line, the pressure of the tray recycling can be alleviated and the efficiency of the tray recycling can be improved.

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