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How to determine the beat of the tray recycling line

How to determine the beat of the tray recycling line

In recent years, the tray recycling line has been very popular among companies such as hotels and factory restaurants. They use the automation features of the assembly line to combine labor and equipment, and can increase the recycling speed of fast food trays. Can meet the needs of table recycling. Usually, the restaurant company dine within three hours. The number of diners in this period is uncertain. How to use the tray recycling line to process tableware will face the problem of equipment tempo.

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At present, the tray recycling line can be divided into two categories according to the degree of automation. One is that only when the person puts the tableware on the recycling line, the recycling work can be realized. Only when the plate is recycled to a certain amount, the staff is arranged. Just move it. Another type of work is not only for the person to put the tableware on the tray recycling line, but also for the staff to sort the tableware in the second half of the equipment.

These two different types of product recycling lines are not as efficient for tableware processing, and the equipment beats are different. When people determine these beats, they need to consider two aspects. One is the quantity and speed of restaurant tableware recycling. The restaurant owner installs the tray recycling line to meet the restaurant's work of recycling tableware. Therefore, the determination of the beat must consider the restaurant to eat. The number of cutlery at the peak. If it is a recycling line that is not automated, consider the implementability of the tray recycling line operation when confirming the beat, and ensure that the speed of the tableware can be recovered by the employees in the second half of the equipment.

The determination of the beat of the tray recycling line does not mean that the speed of the recycling line must be fixed. The restaurant owner can ask the custom manufacturer to design the beat of the device to several different levels according to the situation of the restaurant. The restaurant can adjust the beat of the tray recycling line according to the business situation, reduce the waste of equipment and labor, and reduce the cost of restaurant operation.

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