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Overview of Workshop Belt Pipeline Scheduling Problem

Overview of Workshop Belt Pipeline Scheduling Problem

The workshop belt line is a production line that many factories choose. The line is mainly divided into two types, one is semi-automatic, requires manual production together, and the other is fully automated, without any manual participation. , relying on machinery and equipment to complete the production work. Today, we talk about the workshop belt line scheduling problem is mainly a fully automated flow equipment, together with how the factory solves this problem.

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The workshop belt line scheduling problem is an important production scheduling problem. The goal of this problem is to arrange the processing sequence of the jobs so that the completion time of all the jobs becomes shorter. The problem of the workshop belt line scheduling problem is that it needs to process multiple machines and multiple workpieces. At present, the processing order of all the workpieces on each machine in the domestic factory is the same, each machine is basically only responsible for one operation, and the scheduling problem needs to be solved more. The processing sequence of each workpiece on the machine. After many factory experience, this kind of problem has proved to be a very difficult problem. It is very difficult to manually dispatch the workshop belt assembly line, so many experts now use computer algorithms to study different pipeline scheduling. The problem is to find a more effective solution.

At present, the workshop belt pipeline scheduling algorithm mainly focuses on intelligent algorithms and heuristic algorithms. The intelligent algorithms include discrete particle swarm optimization and leapfrog algorithm. The discrete particle swarm optimization algorithm uses improved position coding and updating formulas, combined with a simplified neighborhood search algorithm to improve the performance of the algorithm. The leapfrog algorithm uses the combination of NEH heuristic and random solution to ensure the quality and distribution of the initial population, which can improve the efficiency of the algorithm. Many factory floor belt lines use the above two algorithms, which can solve the scheduling problem more effectively, especially those with more machines and processes.

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