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How to choose a tray recycling line manufacturer

How to choose a tray recycling line manufacturer

The tray recycling line is an automated and semi-automated assembly line that can be used to recycle tableware. It is usually composed of transmission equipment and power equipment. There are many manufacturers that can make such assembly line equipment on the market. They have different designs for the tray recycling line, and the cost is different. In order to improve the efficiency of tableware recycling and save operating costs, many restaurants and cafeterias will customize the tray recycling line. They will go online to learn about many different manufacturers and then choose a reliable company to cooperate.

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The difficulty of designing the tray recycling line is related to its function. If the automation level of the recycling line in the restaurant and the dining hall is not high, there are many manufacturers to choose from. If the automation requirements of the recycling line in the restaurant and dining hall are relatively high, then the factory needs to have a strong design capability in order to give the restaurant a reasonable design of the tray recycling line. Not all factories have this strength. When selecting a partner, the restaurant can judge their strength through some cases that the factory has done.

There may be some malfunctions in the process of using the tray recycling line, so pay attention to their after-sales service when choosing a custom factory. The factory is required to provide post-maintenance and maintenance work, and to solve problems such as replacement of equipment components.

When the general restaurant selects the manufacturer of the tray recycling line, it will select two or three manufacturers with better design and after-sales service, and then compare the price, which one is cost-effective. After installing the tray recycling line, the restaurant and the dining hall should pay attention to the maintenance and maintenance of the equipment. After the end of each day, the conveyor belt should be cleaned, the food dropped from the tray should be cleaned, and the tray recycling line should be used for a while. After that, you have to do a big cleaning job to clean up the locations that you can't clean every day.

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