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Description of a fun meal recycling line

Description of a fun meal recycling line

Our common tray recycling line usually has only one transmission line, which is usually set at the junction of the kitchen and the front hall. The staff in the front hall need to put the collected plates on the recycling line, and then the equipment will run through the tableware. In the kitchen, the kitchen staff treats the tableware. This tray recycling line saves the time for restaurant staff to move around and greatly increases the efficiency of tableware recycling. Today we mainly describe a different recycling line.

Plate recycling line.png

This fun tray recycling line is designed and installed by a sushi restaurant in Tokyo. It has a tray recycling port next to each table. This recycling port is connected to the kitchen. After the customer puts the cutlery into the recycling port in the restaurant, the tray recycling line can transport the cutlery to the back kitchen of the restaurant. This recycling facility greatly reduces the work of restaurant staff and saves the labor costs of sushi restaurants. In order to increase the customer's usage rate of the recycling port, the restaurant has a toy machine that is placed directly above the recycling port. The recycling port is equivalent to the coin-operated mouth of the gashapon machine. The tableware is equivalent to a coin. The chance to play the gashapon machine once. After the launch of this interesting plate recycling line, it was welcomed by many children and family customers. This equipment not only saved the cost of restaurant operation, but also brought more customers and increased revenue.

This kind of interesting meal recycling line has a lot of investment in the early stage. First of all, it needs more cost than the ordinary recycling line. Secondly, setting a recycling port on each table also requires more cost. But from a long-term perspective, it is a very cost-effective tray recycling line. However, it is worth noting that the equipment needs to be cleaned every day, otherwise the recycling will breed a lot of bacteria and affect the hygiene of the customers. Many restaurants will consider the cost of maintaining this fun tray recycling line too high, so there is no such model for recycling.

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