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The use of the tray recycling line in schools

The use of the tray recycling line in schools

According to data from the manufacturer of the tray recycling line , the sales of such semi-automated recycling equipment have become more and more high in recent years, and many restaurants, restaurants and schools have begun to customize a variety of recycling equipment. Among them, the use rate of the school's recycling line is very fast. There are many schools in each city. If every school uses this kind of recycling equipment, it will be a very big market. Let's take a look at the meal. The situation in which the recycling line is used in schools.

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The custom-made tray recycling line is generally a relatively simple style, mainly composed of a power source and a conveyor belt, and does not require much intelligent design. The school cafeteria is a very concentrated area where there is a large amount of tableware to be recycled every day. Usually, the school will ask the students to pour the remaining food in the plate to the designated area, then put the plate on the plate recycling line. The equipment will transfer the tableware to the tableware cleaning area of the kitchen. Employees no longer need to carry the cutlery to the kitchen. The plates in the general school cafeteria are made of iron, the size is fixed, and it is very resistant to falling, so it is very convenient to use the tray recycling line, and there is no need to worry about the mechanical transmission will damage the tableware, nor the cost of protecting the tableware. Higher recycling water equipment.

The use of the tray recycling line in schools will be a trend in the future, and it has many benefits for the canteen. First of all, it can improve the efficiency of tableware recycling. The school cafeteria is a place where dining is very concentrated. Generally, hundreds of thousands of plates need to be recycled in one hour. The tray recycling line will be faster than manual recycling. . Secondly, from a long-term perspective, the plate recycling line can also reduce the operating cost of the canteen. It is more cost-effective to replace the work of several employees with one device.

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