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The value of the tray recycling line

The value of the tray recycling line

The use of recycling trays in foreign countries is relatively common, and the tableware they use is generally more standardized, and it is more convenient to recycle. And their recycling equipment is also relatively advanced, usually with the functions of tableware recycling, cleaning and disinfection. Compared with the foreign meal recycling line, the domestic tableware recycling device will be different, mainly because the dining habits are different, the types of tableware are different, no matter which kind of plate recycling line, it plays a big role in the restaurant. effect.

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The tray recycling line has an automated and semi-automated function that can quickly and efficiently transfer tableware from one area to another, and some recycling units also have the function of cleaning and sorting tableware. These functions of the tray recycling line can replace the manpower, saving the cost of the restaurant. The cost of a set of recycling equipment ranges from several thousand to tens of thousands of yuan. In the first-tier cities, the cost of a worker is about 4,000 yuan a month. It is very cost-effective to look at the installation of the equipment. Moreover, the recycling rate of the dish recycling line is very high, and the problem of tableware accumulation can be solved at the peak of the restaurant. A recycling device can complete the workload of several people at the same time, which is impossible for personnel. It can be said that the plate recycling line not only improves the economic efficiency of the restaurant, but also improves the working efficiency of the restaurant. It is a facility worthy of possession.

If the plate recycling line can be popularized in major restaurants and canteens in China, it can improve the level of automation in China. At present, domestic factories are talking about automated production. Domestic large enterprises are also pursuing automation, and the catering industry must also raise the awareness and level of automation operations. With the continuous improvement of China's automation technology, the function of the tray recycling line will become more and more powerful, and its use in restaurants and canteens will become more and more mature. At that time, the automation level of China's catering industry will be closer to the advanced level abroad.

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