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Description of the mechanical system of the canteen meal recycling line

Description of the mechanical system of the canteen meal recycling line

Nowadays, more and more school cafeterias are using the tray recycling line . They use this equipment instead of the traditional manual handling, which can solve the problem of tableware recycling at the peak of the meal and make the handling and transmission of the tableware safer. Many students will also place the tableware on the plate recycling line in accordance with the requirements of the canteen, greatly reducing the work of the canteen staff and reducing the operating costs of the canteen carrier.

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The canteen tray recycling line usually consists of two parts: the mechanical system and the control system. Today we will learn more about the mechanical system of one of the recycling lines. It consists of a tableware conveyor, a rotating electromagnetic manipulator and a processor. The students place the tableware on the tableware conveyor. After the equipment is started, the tableware can be sent to the rotating electromagnetic manipulator. The manipulator senses the tableware through the control of the control system. The size is then picked up like a human hand, the residue of the plate is poured into a garbage bin, and the tableware is sent to the processor of the tray recycling line. Different sizes of round holes and cross-shaped forks are set on the workbench of the processor. When the fork rotates, the tableware can be pushed, and the tableware can enter the corresponding size of the recycling basket, thereby realizing automatic automatic different types of tableware. Classification work.

Some canteen dish recycling lines will rotate the electromagnetic manipulator design. They will let the students dump the food residue in the tableware into the recycling bin, then put the tableware in the recycling device, and the tableware can be directly transferred to the processor. . Such a tray recycling line has a lower manufacturing cost, is simpler to run, and is more convenient to clean. It is a design scheme that many schools prefer. The school cafeteria also selects different types of tray recycling lines depending on the type of tableware, and customizes the mechanical system with different functions.

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