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Automatic express inspection line

Automatic express inspection line

Features of automatic express sorting line: 1. It can sort goods continuously and in large quantities. The automatic sorting system is not limited by climate, time, human physical strength, etc. due to the automatic operation of the pipeline used in large production....

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Automatic express sorting line features:

1. It can sort goods continuously and in large quantities. Since the double-speed chain line adopts the automatic operation mode of the pipeline used in large production, the automatic sorting system is not restricted by climate, time, human physical strength, etc., and can be continuously operated. At the same time, since the automatic sorting system has a large number of sorting parts per unit time, The sorting ability of the automatic sorting system is more than 100 hours of continuous operation, and 7,000 pieces of packaged goods can be sorted every hour. If it is manually used, only about 150 pieces can be sorted per hour, and the sorting personnel cannot work in this kind of work. Working continuously for 8 hours under the intensity.

2. The sorting error rate is extremely low. The sorting error rate of the automatic sorting system mainly depends on the accuracy of the sorting information input, which in turn depends on the input mechanism of the sorting information. If the input is made by manual keyboard or voice recognition, the error rate is 3%. In the above, if the barcode scanning input is used, there will be no error unless the barcode itself is erroneously printed. Therefore, the current automatic sorting system mainly uses barcode technology to identify goods.

3. The double-speed chain line sorting operation is basically unmanned. One of the purposes of establishing an automatic sorting system abroad is to reduce the use of personnel, reduce the labor intensity of workers, and improve the efficiency of personnel use. Therefore, the automatic sorting system can minimize the use of personnel and basically achieve unmanned use. . The sorting operation itself does not require the use of personnel, and the use of personnel is limited to the following work:

(1) When the delivery vehicle arrives at the incoming end of the automatic sorting line, it is picked up by hand.

(2) The operation of the sorting system is manually controlled.

(3) At the end of the sorting line, the sorted goods are manually collected and loaded.

(4) Management, management and maintenance of the automatic sorting system.

Automatic express inspection line