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Automatic spraying line

Automatic spraying line

Basic requirements for automatic spraying production line 1. Production capacity: 40 sections of φ600×2000 cylindrical workpieces are produced daily, and the production cycle is 10min/segment. 2. After the automatic coating production line is built...

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Automatic spraying production line basic requirements

1. Production capacity: 40 sections of φ600×2000 cylindrical workpieces are produced daily, and the production cycle is 10min/segment.

2. After the construction of the automatic coating production line, the quality of the paint film on the surface of the workpiece should meet the requirements of the appearance quality of Article 3.2 of GB/T 4054-2008.

3. The seller has a similar bidding production line manufacturing experience, has multiple similar bidding production line users, has the qualification of professional spraying production line, and provides performance proof materials.

4. Automatic spraying equipment must be completely new equipment (including all parts, components and accessories), and any used, prototype, modified products, OEM products, etc. will be rejected.

5. The mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, electronic components, control systems and other execution components used in the spraying equipment shall be standard domestic and foreign famous products that meet the ISO standards and are easy to purchase in the market.

6. The coating production line has reasonable structure, the system has good continuous work and high stability; energy saving, environmental protection, advanced, beautiful appearance, reliable operation, simple operation, convenient maintenance; excellent after-sales service.

Automatic spraying line

7. The discharge of dust, organic solvents and other harmful substances generated during the process of painting the tooling line should meet the national standard "GB16297-1996 Air Pollutant Comprehensive Emission Standard" and the city (indicator) environmental protection and safety department environmental protection standards.

8 Accumulation conveyor system transmission chain can realize the diversion and confluence, the automatic control of the load trolley can be realized in the middle of the transmission chain, and the running tact of the conveyor chain can be adjusted.

9. Automatic change and cleaning of tooling board line, high-quality and stable adjustable mixing ratio two-component mixing unit in spray booth, color change and quick cleaning.

10. The paint booth is designed to meet 2 kinds of primers, 3 top coats, 2 kinds of matching thinners and 2 kinds of curing agents.

11. Electrical control system and lighting of equipment in each room: explosion-proof, beautiful appearance, thermal insulation, closed silencer and other functions.

12. The exhaust fan unit, exhaust gas treatment device and other equipment are arranged in the original putty grinding room of the 106 painting workshop, and the fan is silenced.

13. After the contract is signed, the seller shall provide the buyer with the details of the equipment foundation construction and the basic embedded parts, electricity, gas and gas pipeline requirements within one month.

14. The warranty period of the equipment is one year after acceptance, and the free “three guarantees” system is implemented for the equipment during the warranty period.

15. According to the actual situation, the winning bidder can optimize the “Painting Plan of the Painting Production Line” and explain the reasons, but it must be approved by the user.