Tunnel furnace

Tunnel furnace

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1. Part of the drying furnace: 9.5 meters long, 0.89 meters wide, net width 0.65 meters, total height 1.61 meters, discharge section length 1.0 meters, drying section length 7.5 meters, feeding section length 1.0 meters, retrofit There is dust cover, the wire body beam and the shell shell are made of 2.0mm thick cold plate. The whole machine shell is made of high temperature electrostatic spray (non-normal paint), which is corrosion resistant and easy to clean. The frame is welded with 40×80mm square pass. Made with a 16mm adjustment foot cup. The inner tank has three sections of furnace chamber, each section is 2.5 meters, and the total length of the furnace chamber is 7.5 meters.

2, the inner material is made of 1.5mm thick 304# mirror stainless steel plate, the total height of the cavity is 0.6m, the net height of the inlet is 0.3m, the adjustable baffle can be adjusted, the middle 100mm thick high temperature silicate heat insulation rock wool, mesh belt The bottom is equipped with a high temperature insulation layer. Make the outside of the furnace not hot.

3, electrical parts: power supply 380V, 50A, three-phase five-wire system, power 27KW, using 2P Taiwan Aideli inverter frequency control, with Taiwan Aideli 1.5KW speed motor, Aikeli 70 Deceleration tooth box, the speed ratio is 1:120, equipped with transmission gear and transmission chain, the transmission speed is adjustable from 0.1 to 5 m / min; the drying part is equipped with control electric box. Each phase is equipped with a current display meter, which can monitor the working condition of the heating tube. It is divided into three sections and six channels of control (when the set temperature is reached, some of the heating tubes can be turned off arbitrarily, and the heating power is reduced, which achieves the power saving effect). Adopt Japanese RKC intelligent digital display temperature controller, the temperature can be adjusted from room temperature to 250 °C, the function has PID self-tuning calculus control, automatic constant temperature, over-temperature power-off alarm, leakage protection, motor overload protection and other functions, internal temperature difference ± 3 degrees;

4. Other control circuit electrical appliances are controlled by domestic Zhengtai and imported Mitsubishi Electric; each furnace chamber is equipped with Taiwan Aideli brand wind-driven motor two, equipped with eight-inch semi-transport wind wheel, three sides of the circulation around the wind, left and right sides There are wind troughs, a total of: 6 sets of wind-driven motors, each 0.75KW. The furnace temperature is more uniform; each section of the furnace cavity is equipped with 12 far-infrared quartz heating tubes, a total of 36, each 500W evenly distributed Inside the furnace chamber, an independent control system is available.

5. The assembly line manufacturer adopts stainless steel chain plate conveyor belt. The chain plate is made of 1.5mm thick 304# stainless steel plate and is fixed on the left and right sides by fixing screws.

Tunnel furnace