Dust-free spray baking line

Dust-free spray baking line

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Dust-free spray drying line

Dust-free spraying is a fully enclosed production workshop consisting of steel sandwich panels, which can effectively control the pollution of bad air products and reduce the non-performing rate of dust and Egyptian products in the spraying room. Dust-free spray technology has improved customer demand for quality, won the trust of customers, and enhanced the competitiveness of the company's products in the market.

Dust-free spray baking line

1, uv curing automatic assembly line operation, suitable for batch continuous production, high output, uniform coating surface.

2. The chain plate conveyor chain and the track contact point are equipped with bearings to match the precise track. The operation is light, smooth and smooth without vibration.

3, electrostatic dust removal system, imported high-voltage electrostatic generator, ion tuyere can be adjusted up and down mechanically, can be changed according to the size of the product, plus the work object rotation, dust removal without dead angle.

4, chain plate fixed automatic spray gun can be used for step or continuous online spraying, simple and practical. The workpiece is sprayed at high speed, the stroke and speed are adjustable, the flexibility is large, and there is no dead angle.

5, water curtain environmental spray booth design, airflow smooth and clean, the spray chamber indoor deflector and spoiler carefully configured to allow turbulent flow away from the workpiece, and quickly eliminate pollution.

6, drying tunnel leveling using infrared IR lamp heating, pid control. Efficient, energy-saving, with high-temperature and high-efficiency filters to recycle heat sources.

7. The uv curing chamber is equipped with a number of imported uv lamps from South Korea, and the irradiation distance and angle can be adjusted arbitrarily. You can choose the number of uv lights to work. There are a variety of illumination intensity options. The automatic rotation design of the workpiece of the uv furnace/room ensures uniform illumination of the workpiece.