90 degree turning chain line

90 degree turning chain line

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90 degree turning chain line

90 degree turning chain line

90 degree turning chain line

90 degree turning chain line

90 degree turning chain line

90 degree turning chain line

Characteristics of turning chain conveyor line

1. The conveying surface of the chain plate is flat and smooth, the friction is small, the material transitions smoothly between the conveying lines, and it can transport all kinds of glass bottles, PET bottles, cans and other materials, and can also transport all kinds of bags.

2, the chain plate has stainless steel and engineering plastics and other materials, a wide variety of specifications, can be selected according to the transport materials and process requirements, to meet the different needs of all walks of life.

3. Chain conveyors can generally be washed directly with water or directly in the water. The equipment is easy to clean and meets the hygiene requirements of the food and beverage industry.

4. Flexible equipment layout. Horizontal, tilt and turn transport can be done on one conveyor line.

5. The equipment has simple structure, stable operation and convenient maintenance.

Turning chain plate conveying line technical parameters

1. Chain plate material: stainless steel chain plate, plastic chain plate, etc.

2, the width of the chain plate: can be customized according to actual needs

3, conveying speed: adjustable

4, line body form: linear chain plate line, turn chain plate line.

Chain plate production line

Specifications are customized according to customer requirements

Bracket square welding

Power 2.2KW-Guomao BWD3-60 cycloidal pinwheel reducer


The guide rail 3mm steel plate is folded into shape.

Chain P100mm belt side guide chain

Chain plate 2.0mm steel plate is folded, the outer dimension is W95*H15mm, and the pitch P=100mm is provided with a chain plate. Each chain plate can carry 20KG weight separately, and the surface of the chain plate is sprayed/galvanized.

Surface 2mm green anti-static rubber

Other configuration SOP rack: H-shaped aluminum alloy profile with A4 sleeve / plexiglass

Lighting: T5-28W energy-saving lamp, long-length layout, segmentation control

Socket: multi-function socket

Tool cabinet: steel plate folding

Hanging rail: U-shaped aluminum alloy profile with nylon pulley

Gas path:  3/4 trachea with  风 风

Surface treatment: steel powder spray / spray paint