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Chain line

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Chain line

Chain line

Advantages of the chain line:

The chain plate line is also called the plate chain conveyor line and the plate chain conveyor. The chain plate conveying line is a kind of conveying assembly equipment which uses a large pitch special curved plate chain as a transmission medium to drive the metal/plastic panel to reciprocate. Because the whole line structure and conveying medium are relatively strong, it is generally used in the transportation and assembly work of heavy items, and the load capacity per square meter of the chain line can reach 500Kg. The conveying speed of the line body is adjustable, and there are various speed control modes such as electromagnetic speed regulation, frequency conversion speed regulation, mechanical speed regulation, etc. Generally, the fastest speed is within 15M/min.

1. The plate chain is used as the traction component, which not only has high strength, high efficiency, reliable work, but also can be transported as a long distance, and has a large conveying capacity. The conveying capacity of some skirt conveyors is more than 1000t per hour.

2. The traction chain can be equipped with accessories of various structures to meet different conveying requirements for different materials and realize various continuous processes. The transmission wiring is flexible with the shifter, which is unmatched by other types of conveyors.

3. Compared with belt conveyors, the support conveyor can transport materials under conditions of large inclination and small bending radius. The angle of the slab conveyor can reach 30-35°, and the bending radius is generally about 3m-5m.

4, can transport higher temperature materials (600-700 °). It can also adapt to more demanding conditions, such as heavy logs, sharp ore and harmful chemicals.

5, chain plate open loop control: PLC output to the board chain line converter DC0-10V signal and the set speed into a linear relationship.