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Chain plate assembly line

Chain plate assembly line

Product features of the chain assembly line: drive system: 1, 2HP motor, reducer: 80 tooth box; 2, speed: 6 m / min, tooling plate speed: 6 m / min;...

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Chain plate assembly line

Chain plate assembly line

Product Features of Chain Plate Assembly Line:

Drive System:

1, 2HP motor, reducer: 80 tooth box;

2, speed: 6 m / min, tooling board speed: 6 m / min;

3. The transportation of tooling board adopts RF2060, 3 times speed chain.

Second, the body line structure:

1. The chain plate bracket adopts 50mm*50mm*2.0mm square pass, and the height of the working surface: 740±20 mm;

2. The two sides of the line body are assembled by super strength 100*118mm triple speed aluminum profiles;

3. The lighting adopts 28W single-bracket hood T5 energy-saving lamp, and the lamp frame material adopts 25*50 iron flat-pass;

4. Assembling the power supply system to install two positions for each station, each 1.2 m / set;

5, assembly quick joint gas source triple piece 40SM with 20PH quick joint;

7. The process kanban adopts aluminum process card frame with A4 acrylic plate;

8. The chain plate wind batch chute adopts 28*35 aluminum material.

Third, the electric box:

1. Adopt Mitsubishi PLC control;

2, Japan's Mitsubishi air switch;

3. OMRON relay.

Fourth, the conductive rail: the integrated conductor rail is installed on both sides of the line body

Five, tooling board:

1, size (500) L * (500) W * (25) Tmm;

2. There are no two installations at the bottom of the tooling plate;

3. The tooling board adopts 25mm MDF surface with anti-static rubber, conductive copper strip and T-shaped edge; each socket is installed at each end.

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