Unpowered power roller line

Unpowered power roller line

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The unpowered roller line consists of the following parts:

1. The cylinder is generally made of a circular tube. Commonly used steel pipes and plastic pipes, high precision and high strength can be made of round steel;

2. The inner shaft is generally made of round steel. The small diameter can be made of cold drawn round steel, and the diameter of the large precision can be made by car;

3. The end cap is generally made of carbon steel. The small diameter of the small load can be processed by punching, and the larger diameter or large load is processed by the car;

4. The bearing can be selected according to the cylinder and the end cover.

Unpowered power roller line

According to the different materials of the cylinder, it can be divided into the following types:

1. Carbon steel drum, that is, the drum cylinder is processed with carbon steel pipe;

2, the plastic drum, that is, the drum cylinder is processed with a plastic pipe;

The drum line is divided into the following types according to the surface treatment of the cylinder:

1. The plating drum is the surface of the drum, which is usually galvanized, chrome plated, nickel plated, etc.

2, the spray roller, that is, the surface of the drum spray powder, can also be treated by painting;

3, the rubberized roller, that is, the surface of the drum is covered with rubber, which can be wrapped in rubber of various colors, and the surface of the roller is soft, reducing the wear of the goods.

The roller line can be divided into several types depending on the installation method of the inner shaft:

1. External thread fastening;

2. Internal thread fastening;

3, flat 榫 type card;

4, round shaft bayonet type;

5, spring card slot type