Suspension coating line

Suspension coating line

Product Details

1. Suspension chain conveyor line is an ideal equipment for automatic and semi-automatic assembly line operation between the workshop, workshop and workshop at an ideal speed according to the user's reasonable process line.

2. It can be arranged in any space in three dimensions, can play the role of storage in the air, save the ground use site, and is widely applicable to all walks of life. The hanging conveyor is a device that continuously conveys materials in space, and the materials are mounted on a special box or bracket to run along a predetermined orbit.

3. Hanging chain conveyor line body can be up and down and turn in space, the layout is flexible and the floor space is small. It is used in large-scale water production operations in machinery, automobiles, electronics, household appliances, light industry, food, chemical and other industries.

4. The single machine has large conveying capacity and can be transported across the factory with a long line body.

Suspension coating line

The principle of the suspension chain conveyor line utilizes a carriage coupled to the traction chain to operate on an overhead track to drive the carrier to convey the articles to the conveyor. This conveyor is widely used in factories such as machine building, light industry, food, rubber and building materials, as well as post offices. Overhead rails can be flexibly arranged in the workshop according to production needs, forming a complex transmission line. The transported items are suspended in the air, which saves production area and consumes less energy. It can also carry out various process operations while transporting. Due to the continuous operation, the objects are delivered to each other and then separated after the necessary process operations, so that rhythmic flow production can be realized. Therefore, the hanging conveyor is an important equipment for realizing comprehensive mechanization and automation of the enterprise material handling system.