Ring belt line

Ring belt line

Product Details

Ring Pipeline Engineering Application Features

The ring-shaped assembly line is connected with the chain by the tooling trolley to form a flat ring type synchronous conveying. The pallet can be configured on the tooling trolley. Transmission mode: continuous, forced beat, stepless speed regulation. Widely used in automotive parts, hardware tools, instrumentation, home appliances and other industries.

Ring packaging line engineering specifications and parameters:

1. The length of the pvc belt conveyor line body is calculated according to the assembly process of the product;

2. The height of the line body is 2M, wherein the height of the working surface is determined by the height of the product;

3, line body width: 1200mm ~ 2000mm freely set according to product specifications;

4, line body configuration:

1) fluorescent lamp, 2) electric fan, 3) air pipe with quick change port, 4) process board, 5) tool box with 220V power socket, 6) steel chain, 7) trolley tray,

Ring belt line

5, power configuration: domestic electromagnetic speed control / frequency control;

6, conveying speed: 0.4 ~ 4 m / min, continuous operation, intermittent operation;

2, pvc belt conveyor line ring packaging line use and production process

Technical description: Packaging production line with lamp with fan packaging production line and lamp packaging production line, general with lamp with fan packaging production line for a wide range of applications, simple operation. Mainly used in electronics factories, hardware factories, toy factories and other packaging workshops. Sitting in the middle, in the middle is a work surface with a conveyor belt. Improve production efficiency, greatly reduce labor, wages

Uses and features:

The pvc belt conveying line is composed of a cover type adsorption corrugating machine, a paper carrying frame, a coating machine, a double-sided machine, a paper cutting machine, a preheating roller, a double-layer bridge, a glue making machine and the like. The utility model has the advantages of high automation degree, convenient operation and maintenance, high production efficiency, good cardboard quality, compact structure and beautiful appearance.

The process of packaging the production line:

1. Automatic packaging scale 2. Automatic bag feeding machine 3. Bag clamping device 4. Folding seam sewing machine 5. Heat sealing machine 6. Conveyor 7. Bag turning machine 8. Metal detector 9. Weight detector 10. Eliminator 11 Car conveyor 12. Incline conveyor 13. Palletizing machine 13 + robotic palletizing machine 14. Automatic control cabinet