Slope belt line

Slope belt line

Product Details

The climbing belt line is also called the pvc belt conveying line, which is a kind of belt conveyor. The climbing belt conveyor is suitable for continuous conveying of goods on the floor or between heights.

If the friction of the bottom of the cargo is large enough, a non-slip belt with a pattern on the surface can be used; a large-angle climbing belt conveyor requires a baffle and a skirt on the belt.

Rack optional material: carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy.

Belt material selection: PVC, PU, rubber, Teflon.

Steps to debug the climbing belt:

(1) After the installation of each equipment, carefully adjust the belt conveyor to meet the requirements of the drawings.

(2) Each reducer and moving parts are filled with the corresponding lubricating oil.

(3) After the installation of the belt conveyor meets the requirements, each single equipment is manually tested, and the belt conveyor is combined to meet the requirements of the operation.

(4) Debug the electrical part of the belt conveyor. Including the debugging of conventional electrical wiring and actions, so that the equipment has good performance and achieves the designed function and state.

Slope belt line

Slope belt line

Slope belt line

Pipeline, belt production line, belt conveyor

Pvc belt conveyor line bracket iron square pass / aluminum profile / stainless steel, etc.

Power 0.75KW-60#/70#1: 60 tooth box,

1.5KW-70#/80#1: 60 tooth box

2.2KW-80#/100#1: 60 tooth box


2-5mm green anti-static belt, anti-skid belt, PU belt, etc.

Width / length: non-standard customization

Belt roller: Φ25/38mm galvanized roller, spacing 300mm

Pallet: 1.2/1.5T galvanized sheet folding

Belt interface: seamless hot connection / steel buckle connection

SOP frame H-type aluminum alloy profile with A4 cover / plexiglass

Lighting T5-28W energy-saving lamp, long layout, segmentation control


Instrument panel strip / aircraft

Specifications: non-standard customization

Material: wood plywood, anti-static rubber or fireproof board

Edge: T-shaped strip / semi-round wood

Other configuration socket: multi-function socket

Hanging rail: U-shaped aluminum alloy profile with nylon pulley

Gas path:  3/4 trachea with  风 风

Surface treatment: steel powder spray / spray paint