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TV assembly line

TV assembly line

1. It adopts advanced four-axis manipulator motion system, which can realize high-strength and high-speed handling operations. The accuracy of repeated positioning is ±0.02mm and the load is 6Kg. Equipped with a dedicated robot control cabinet, which is compact...

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TV assembly line

TV assembly line

TV assembly line

TV assembly line

1. It adopts advanced four-axis manipulator motion system, which can realize high-strength and high-speed handling operations. The accuracy of repeated positioning is ±0.02mm and the load is 6Kg. Equipped with a dedicated robot control cabinet, it is compact, easy to install, rich in action, easy to expand and operate.

2. The high-performance three-axis motion system is adopted, and the repeatability of the work is ±0.02mm in the working range. The module is made up of high-precision screw, guide rail and servo motor. It is controlled by PC and easy to operate and maintain.

3. Adopting high-precision measuring system, equipped with a dial indicator, the reading can be accurate to ±0.001mm, and the industrial computer can read the current data through software and judge the pin length of the circuit board component, whether it meets the production requirements. .

4. In order to overcome the limitations of the manual detection circuit board, the AOI detection equipment equipped with advanced vision system and control system is adopted to overcome the subjectivity in the human detection process, and it is possible to realize high-density and complex component board detection. Improve the efficiency and accuracy of testing. The detection circuit board has a range of up to 480 mm long by 380 mm wide by 2.5 mm high, and the detection accuracy is ±0.0025 mm.

5. The comprehensive detection system of component electrical performance, various types of test items, accurate test accuracy, mainly for the performance parameter detection of various electrical components and component insertion, insertion, reverse, leakage, short circuit and open circuit measurement, etc. The guarantee of product technology and perfect quality is also an important means of detecting the quality of modern automated production.

6. Pvc belt conveyor line high-efficiency, high-precision parting system, the cutting platform adopts industrial IPC and IC control system, the cutting spindle adopts Japan NSK cutting spindle, the precision reaches ±0.02mm, and is equipped with dust collecting system, which solves Dust problems generated during the cutting process.

7. The independent and stable transmission system adopts the double-speed chain transportation mode and the blocking lifting positioning mode, so that the tooling fixture can be accurately and smoothly positioned during the conveying process. The transmission speed is adjustable, the maintenance is simple and convenient, and the structure is compact and reliable.

8. Tooling fixture is made by CNC. The flatness accuracy of the fixture body is ±0.02. The positioning of the product by pin is used to prevent displacement during the operation. The fixture has a simple structure, is easy to maintain, and has good compatibility.

9. The ultrasonic pressing system adopts a parallel paralleling better carrying mechanism, and the clamping pneumatic finger is mounted on the single-axis module to achieve stable parallel handling, and the controller of the ultrasonic system is easy to understand and simple. The adjustment is convenient and clear.

10. The laser marking system combines a stable transmission method with an accurate fixture positioning method, and adopts an online laser marking method. The laser is output through the optical fiber, and after high-speed scanning of the galvanometer, the output quality is good and the reliable light speed is achieved, and the surface of the product is marked.

11.pvc belt conveyor line intelligent aging feeding system, the system is equipped with a four-axis robot, a linear module and a pneumatic flip module. The product can be smoothly removed from the tooling fixture and placed in the aging tray fixture. The system is compact in structure, efficient in pick and place, and can achieve difficult actions.

12. Lifting system, through the double-slide guide with high parallelism, use asynchronous motor as the lifting drive force, realize the lifting action through the chain drive, and raise the height range to 1.5m. During the lifting process, the aging tray fixture is stable and improved. The speed is adjustable.

13. An aging test system consisting of a separately welded bracket and a transmitted double speed chain guide and an electronic load test assembly. The structure is firm, the transmission is reliable, the side positioning mode is compact, the single aging product has high efficiency, and the electronic load test is stable.

14. ATE test system, mainly consists of power supply, electronic load, power meter, corrugated card, PC control system, fast charging action test for product power adapter, the test process is strict, the test parameters mainly include product voltage, current, Comprehensive electrical performance such as power, ripple, noise, energy efficiency overcurrent protection point, voltage regulation, load regulation, inrush current, and on/off timing.