Ring assembly line

Ring assembly line

Product Details

The classification of the ring assembly line is as follows:

Based on the annular guide rail, the double-speed chain line has developed a circulation motion system with a belt transmission system. It can be used as a circulating assembly line/circulation production line. It has been widely used in the production of precision automation in the factory, greatly improving production efficiency and reducing Occupied space; Circulatory motion system, distinguished by line speed, can be divided into two systems: DTS and DTS2:

Ring assembly line

1.DTS: Ordinary speed ring line

Each sliding seat is connected by a timing belt; the synchronous belt pulley drives the timing belt, and the synchronous belt drives the sliding seat to move on the annular guide rail; and the auxiliary positioning device can repeat the positioning accuracy to +/- 0.05 mm. According to the needs of production, the linear guide rail segments of any length can be selected to form a circular guide circulating circuit/circulation production line of various specifications and sizes. In addition to the timing belt, other slider connection/transmission methods such as chains, connecting rods, cams, etc. can be selected.

2.DTS2: High speed circular pipeline

DTS2 is a product developed by the company to meet the market demand for high-speed circular motion. The maximum speed of the double-speed chain line can reach 3m/s. The screw drive cam follower also has greater driving force; in order to get bigger The driving force can also be used with multiple screws. An eccentric bearing can be provided to withstand the additional force of the work station. In the electronics, packaging and other industries, as a high-speed ring line / ring assembly line / ring production line has been widely used.

3.GFX: Linear motor driven circular pipeline with accumulation function

The linear motor driven is a magnetic levitation motor; each trolley can be independently controlled for independent movement; the high rigidity and high performance annular guide system ensures long service life in high speed and fast acceleration and deceleration applications.