Module assembly line

Module assembly line

Product Details

Product Name: Module Assembly Line / Module Assembly Line / Automatic Assembly Line

Second, product size: non-standard equipment, the price is not fixed, can be customized according to the characteristics of the customer's own products, the price is only for the mark, please take the actual price as the standard.

Module assembly line

Module assembly line

Third, the product introduction:

Automatic assembly line

The drum line is a conveyor that is linked by some material handling equipment for continuous production lines. The automatic assembly line is a special product-oriented layout and an important production technology for assembly lines.

1. Material: stainless steel, iron square, aluminum profile;

2, the width of the drum line assembly line: can be customized according to actual needs;

3, conveying speed: adjustable;

4. Line body form: linear assembly line, plate chain assembly line, drum type assembly line;

5. Non-standard products of automatic assembly line can be customized according to specific requirements;

Automatic assembly line industry classification

The drum line is widely used in a wide range of industries due to its highly automated operation technology. The industry classification of automatic assembly lines mainly includes:

1. Packaging and processing production lines for the food industry;

2. Chemical product packaging processing production line;

3. Heavy industry production lines such as automobile manufacturing;

4. Packaging processing and production in the garment industry.

Automatic assembly line application features

1. Highly automated operation;

2. Reduce production costs and improve production efficiency of enterprises;

3. Guarantee the stability of the production process.