Oxygen machine assembly line

Oxygen machine assembly line

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Oxygen machine assembly line is an effective combination of human and machine, which fully reflects the flexibility of the equipment. It combines the conveying system, the pallet and the online special machine and the testing equipment to meet the assembly requirements of various products. The transmission mode of the double-speed chain line is synchronous transmission (forced) or asynchronous transmission (flexible), and manual or semi-automatic assembly is realized according to the configuration selection. Assembly lines are indispensable in the mass production of enterprises.

Oxygen machine assembly line

Oxygen machine assembly line

The role of the assembly line

First, the utilization rate of the double-speed chain line equipment is high. After a set of machine tools are programmed into the assembly line, the output is several times higher than the output of this group of machines when dispersing single machines.

Second, in-process products are reduced by about 80%.

Third, production capacity is relatively stable. The automatic machining system consists of one or more machine tools. When a fault occurs, it has the ability to degrade the operation. The material transfer system also has the ability to bypass the faulty machine.

Fourth, the quality of the product is high. During the processing of the parts, the loading and unloading is completed once, the machining precision is high, and the processing form is stable.

The assembly line usually uses the tooling board to carry the product, and adopts a special aluminum-type fuselage track, which is transported by a 3x speed chain. Tooling plate conveying form: horizontal circulation, horizontal circulation of upper and lower layers, erecting back to the board cycle. Equipment line body classification: assembly line, aging line, debugging line, rework line, shunt line, transition line, packaging line, etc. The supporting equipments are: hoist, suction crane, tooling board, framer, high temperature aging room, parallel transfer device, jacking transfer device, two-way translation and grab device and 360-degree rotating device.